Welcome to Vista Ridge

Welcome to Vista Ridge

I have been in the Vista Ridge area for about 2 weeks now. Vista Ridge is located in Cedar Park, Texas, and is about 30 minutes from my old area, Pflugerville, where I just came from. I can't really describe what it has been like, due to all the differing highs and lows that have been thrown at us, Elder 'Iloa and I. Plus all the highs and lows with training. It has been a blast nonetheless.

I have loved being companions with Elder 'Iloa. He is a very outgoing, and kind individual. We get along well and have been brainstorming many ideas on how we can start using Facebook more and more to help people learn about who Jesus Christ is through the Book of Mormon.

We are putting my camera to good use and have been starting to make a 'Weekly Verse', where Elder 'Iloa will share a scripture from the Book of Mormon and we will edit it a bit, then post it online! We are both pretty excited about it and faithful that it will reach the people that it needs to reach!

Having a nice camera to film videos on is so nice! We have lots of ideas that are in the works but the only really hard thing is that we don't have a good place to edit the videos in an easy way. It takes crazy long on the phone and I am just not a big fan of tryin' to use a small phone screen to edit things. It is tough. But we are making it through, one step at a time.

If you have any ideas of videos that we could make to post on Facebook, that will help uplift people and make them interested in learning more, please shoot me an email. All ideas are appreciated!

kohl.payne@missionary.org or Kohl Payne on Facebook

The main reason we are pushing so hard on Facebook right now is due to our area. It is a pretty "hard" area. People aren't as receptive to listening to you as they are in other areas. So what better way to reach someone than through using technology. Everyone is always on their phones so if we could get a good outreach on Facebook, oh boy! It would be awesome!

Elder 'Iloa and I are pretty excited to be filming different things. Like I said before, if you have some ideas, please, let me know. I am also going to try and organize a big group project and make a post on Facebook, but I can't spoil what that might be! ;) I am pretty dang excited for it though! Especially if it works out.

I have been feeling a bit discouraged here and there. I have been losing some of my good habits. The biggest one is that I have been slipping up really hard on writing in my journal. Not just because I don't feel like it, or because I'm lazy, it's because every night when we get back to the apartment we play Uno with the other Elders.

Uno goes HARD! We have a scoreboard and it is really competitive. We have fun though! And I know, I will try to do better at my journal writing. Journal before Uno is a new goal that I am trying to focus on this week.

Something cool about the church building that I attend is that the new Austin, Temple will be right next to our church building! I have my fingers crossed that I will be here for the ground breaking but who knows when that will be? I am excited nonetheless!

I had this pretty wild dream a bit ago. It made me really think about the time that we have as missionaries is pretty limited. I took it as a sign from God that I needed to recommit myself to the work and see the blessings that God has in store for me to see and be a part of.

Not much else has happened. Elder 'Iloa and I are trying to get into the groove of things and start finding those people who are ready. It does take some time, but we will not give up!

Thats about it. See Ya.

- Elder Kohl Payne

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