Christ, the Savior, is born!

Christ, the Savior, is born!

Silent night! Holy night!
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon virgin mother and Child.
Holy Infant, so tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace;
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night! Holy night!
Shepherds quake at the sight!
Glories stream from heaven afar;
Heav’nly hosts sing Alleluia!
Christ, the Savior, is born!
Christ, the Savior, is born!

Silent night! Holy night!
Son of God, love’s pure light
Radiant beams from thy holy face,
With the dawn of redeeming grace,
Jesus, Lord, at thy birth;
Jesus, Lord, at thy birth.

What a good song to get stuck in your head as you are helping set up the nativity story.
The members here in the Round Rock area have something they call the "Nativity Walk". It is a small trail located in the trees behind the church building. Soon to be where the Austin, Texas Temple will be located.

During the walk you go through 7 storyline events of the Saviors birth.

  1. Caesar Augustus, and his decree to tax everyone or something like that
  2. The Shepard's seeing the angel
  3. Samuel in the Book of Mormon and the signs of the Saviors birth
  4. The Wisemen
  5. Guards blocking you before entering into the city
  6. The Inn
  7. The Manger

Elder 'Iloa and I had the privilege of helping set up. I was singing Silent Night the entire time which was nice for 2 reasons.

First, it made me focus my thoughts and actions on Jesus Christ throughout the 2 days that the event took place

Second, at the end of the first night, all the missionaries in the area had the opportunity to be the last group to walk through. We would walk through the different scenes and after the actors/members finished, they joined our group and we all arived at the manger scene together. We had time to sit there and reflect about Jesus Christs birth. Brother Glazier stood up and he kinda closed the night. We sung Silent Night as a group and then closed the with a prayer.

The first night was pretty special due to a football game going on right across the street. Even though the "Great and Spacious Building" was calling, the spirit of the Christmas season was still stronger than ever. It was almost impossible to not feel the spirit testify of Jesus Christ and his birth.

I love Jesus so much.

Elder 'Iloa bore his testimony during church for fast Sunday. We were sitting towards the back on the front row of the metal chairs. I noticed that he was getting a bit wrestles in his seat. Moving around and adjusting his position. He then stands up, says "Screw it." and walks to the front.

Now if you know Elder 'Iloa this was all very different for him. But he got up there and bore an amazing testimony of what his experience with the Church has been. All I could say when he came back to sit down was, thank you.

I won't be able to do it justice, but he told us that he is proud to be a member of Jesus Christs church and that we should all be proud members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

So with that, to all the members that may or may not be reading this at this time, I will ask you to be confident in who you are as a son or daughter of God in His restored church on the earth today.

I don't know if Elder 'Iloa will ever read this but I am so thankful for him and his testimony. I have been able to see him grow and strengthen his testimony more now than ever before and I am so grateful to be apart of his journey. He is making amazing steps and will become a WAY better missionary than I will ever be able to become. He has amazing experience's in his life that will help change the lives of others.

All in all, God works wonders in all of our lives. We just have to look. :)

A few highlights of the week:

  • We had the cleanest apartment in the entire ZONE
  • Light the World for the Christmas season has begun! They dropped a banger video from NYC
  • Our friend John is so close but just doesn't want to admit it
  • I ate a half gallon tub of ice cream in one night...
  • Chick Fil A
  • Seanster Stego Saurus

It was a good uplifting week. The Nativity Walk grew my testimony of Jesus Christ and I can say with surety, I know Jesus is the Savior of the world. I know that as you turn towards him you will find ever lasting happiness.

Jesus Loves you!

That's about it. See ya.

  • Elder Payne