Happy Birthday Sister Weller

Happy Birthday Sister Weller

I don't even know where to start on this one. We have been playing basketball all day and I am zoinked.

Let's start off with Sister Weller's birthday. First and foremost, happy happy birthday Sister Weller. Elder Giuffra and I were able to go to her birthday dinner. Why? Good question. The members they were having dinner with are from Chile. So, we had a banger dinner party with them. I was still really confused on what they were saying most of the time. I gotta learn some Spanish. (lol) It was fun regardless. They always have really good food and I am grateful we were invited. During the message that we shared, I was able to share my testimony in Spanish. Now it's not as impressive as you may think. Elder Giuffra taught me how to say "I love Jesus Christ" before we got there and I kept forgetting how to say it throughout the dinner so I had to keep asking him. But when my time rolled around, I nailed it! If you ask me now how to say it, I wouldn't be able to tell ya.

For Sister Weller's birthday, as a district, we went to HighFit. The Spanish Sisters have been asking us to go for the longest time so we decided that since it is a special occasion we would go. It was pretty dang fun. We woke up at 5, got ready, and drove over to the gym where it is held. The Stake President owns the gym so it is kinda nice. I may have been really uncoordinated with the movements to the songs but I did my best and had a good time.

It was also my good friend Elder Wyatt Tobler's birthday this past week! Happy Birthday Elder! I love you and am so proud of the decision you made to serve a mission and serve the people in Argentina. Keep up the good work and serve with all your heart!

We had a Chapel tour with one of our friends this week. He is a student pastor and is a pretty cool guy. The reason I mention this though is because we have had 2 studies prior to this one, but this was by far the best one ever. The first two were at Chick-fil-a and they were alright but the spirit at the Church building is like nothing else. The spirit was strong and we were bold. Now the ball is in his court.

If everyone would just test the Book of Mormon out and take the time to find their own opinion on the book things would be a lot easier. haha

This week we had to drop one of our friends that I have been teaching the entire time I have been here. It was really rough for me. He was doing really good and it is super devastating. I truely believe he will get there eventually.

We went up to Lott this week! We had the food run that we do every month. I love going up to Lott because I know we will be going to Greens afterwards. This time was a little different though. We went to a place called Miller's Deli. Now DAH GUM! Miller's Deli is a place to grub it up at. We hit Miller's, I got a nice club sandwich that was huge! I was super surprised at the size of this thing. I should have taken a picture of it but it was a good bang for the buck! Will definitely be going back. But that's not all. We stopped at Green's so we could grab some food to go. haha Had to get me some kolaches to eat later. It was super nice.

We had a few pretty nice interactions with some JW's Jehovah Witnesses this week. The first one gave us some powerade while we were walking by and then we played soccer with a huge group one night. It was super fun! Elder Giuffra and I got put on opposite teams, they knew he was good because they were able to see him play a bit while they were all warming up. A miracle happened though, they passed it to the white kid! I actually got to kick the ball a few times. hahah I think I was able to hold my ground a little bit. I was not good by any means but it was still fun. We got sweaty!

We helped with a Juneteenth festival. We helped set up a few things before the festival started. The lady gave us some shirts for helping out! It was pretty clutch! We didn't think we were going to get any then Elder Giuffra asked if we were going to get one or if we had to pay for them. She said we had to pay for them. A few minutes later, she said, "Y'all want shirts?" We said of course! So we all got some pretty sick shirts. haha.

We got transfer news this Sunday! I will be staying here in Temple. Another transfer with Elder Giuffra! I am excited and can't wait for the sacred experiences that we will continue to have. A lot of crazy switch up's happened though! The Belton Elders are leaving and the Morgan Point Sisters will be double covering. Not only that, the Sister staying in Morgan Point will be training. So a double cover train. Good luck Sister Goodman.

So in the apartment we will now have a Zone Leader and a District Leader. . . I better start being obedient now. hahah

Happy Fathers Day!! I love you dad! I miss you and am grateful for the example you are to me! Thank you for raising me right and cheering me on even in the toughest times. I love you!

I have been forgetting to give an update on my Book of Mormon reading. Well, I didn't finish by the 11th of June. I guess it wasn't inspired. I am still working on it, but I have so many other things I am studying as well. But slowly and surely I will get there.

I thank y'all for taking your time to read this. Be ready for next week. Hope you all are doing well!

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That's about it. See ya.

Elder Kohl Payne

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