Dah Gum! What a wild and wacky week. . .

Dah Gum! What a wild and wacky week. . .

I think we should start with the most historic event that happened. The death (going home) of two of the best Elder's I have had the pleasure to know.

Elder Jake Porter and Elder Ryan Johansen.

First and foremost I just want to express my love and gratitude for these amazing Elders.

Jo, you have been with me from the beginning, and what a joy it has been to be serving alongside you. We have lived in the same apartment for 5ish months and it was a blast having you there. Have a blast going to school! Love you JO!!

Porter, I have loved having you as my DL and I wouldn't want it any other way. I loved the exchanges we went on and the example you were to me of a hard-working missionary. I can't wait to see you back in Utah and ball up. Love you!

We had our district council on Tuesday this week to have a final get-together and say farewell. It was a really good one. Elder Johansen did a really good training. A perfect way to end it off! Sister Hales played her violin and Elder Stevens played his guitar. Kinda like small musical numbers. Super cool! We took pictures, wrote in our Bye bye books, signed some flags that people had, and said goodbye. (ish)

Elder Porter and Elder Johansen went down to the mission home on Wednesday. I was able to get a final picture with Jo. My goodbye to Porter was from 50 feet away and we were just yelling at each other saying goodbye. It was rather sad. I'm not worried though! I will most definitely see them again.

As for everyone else, Sister Hales, Sister Weller, and Elder Miles, I was able to see them on Friday morning. We all balled up at the church one final time before they got transferred away. Great missionaries going to good places. As Elder Giuffra said, "There is no such thing as a dead area, just dead missionaries!" Bars lol. They will do great in their new areas and I am excited to hear all the cool adventures they will have.

We are getting a new missionary in the Belton/Morgan's Point area. Sister Goodman is training Sister Goodrich! Yeah, I know, how funny is that? The Good's

Random thought: This week feels like it has flown by so fast but as I am looking at my journal and seeing all the things that have happened it seems like some of the events happened so long ago.

Shout out to Elder Dozie and Elder Smith really quickly. These Elders are up in the Mexia area. (Muh-hey-uh) Don't ask me. I don't know why there is an X. I love these Elders so much! I drove them back from transfers when I was getting Elder Giuffra as my companion. They were such a blast. Elder Dozie got reassigned here for 2 transfers while waiting for his visa. Welp, he got it and he is in Peru! As they were driving down from their area to go to the mission office, they made a stop in Temple and we had lunch with them at Chick-Fil-A. It was a blast. We had a party! Elder Doize is going to kill it in Peru. Super excited to hear about his adventures over there! Elder Smith is staying in Mexia and is training a new Elder!

Also, Elder Porter gave me some of his pants before he left and they are pretty nice! Fit me nice and well. I will always have Porter with me haha

Shout out to Elder Sewsen and Elder Wolfgram. We pulled up to Buc-ee's during lunch to see them before they went down to transfers. We hung out for a bit and feasted on some brisket sandwiches. Good day, good day.

Time for some Funny and Sad news about the T2 Elders. Elder Stevens and Elder Raban (New DL) Funny News:

Elder Giuffra and I just got back from a service and are zoinked. We are starting our personal study after getting all showered and ready for the day. We get 40 or so minutes in and the T2 Elders are calling. We answer to see what's up. These goofballs locked their keys in the clerk's office at the church. We told them that we would finish our personal studies and then we would come save them. And that is what we did. We finished our Pstudy and rushed out the door to go save the T2 Elders! Zooming to the church, I think I hit a bird but I'm not sure. We got them the keys and saved the day.

Sad news:

They will be moving out of the apartment. . . My heart is broken. Since the Belton area was closed / they took the Elders out, the Morgan's Point Sisters are covering both. They moved into the Elder's old apartment so that leaves an apartment that is empty. President called us and asked if they could move in. . . It will now be really boring at night. That is where all the fun stuff happens! I don't know if I will be able to do it! We shall see!

Sister Bair, this next part is for you. Enjoy. Yes, I got my boots!! Finally! I actually have had them for a while but just have forgotten to say anything. We did a lot of service this week and I was able to wear them! Our member got this good photo of Elder Giuffra and me:

My Boots

They are sick and you can expect me to wear them at my homecoming.

Elder Porter recorded his Homecoming talk and all I can say is, Dah Gummit Porter. You made me cry! His talk was very inspiring and I realized that I need the Lord to trust me more. How? Follow through with your impressions, and talk to everyone. As you follow through with these thoughts that are given to you by the Holy Ghost that is when you will gain trust with the Lord and see miracles and get the most out of your mission. From this talk, I am now excited to go out and share this joy that I have for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We had a really good lesson with our friends. We did a church tour and the spirit was super strong. We invited her to be baptized and she said she has been thinking about it and wants to. We tried to pick a date but she was a little nervous and taken aback by that. But it's ok! God has his timing. Please pray for her, that she will feel ready and make the commitment. I am super excited to keep meeting with her.

Last P-day was so fun! Last time as a district, we balled up! Frfr. 6 games of Basketball, scored to 21.  We have the good guys and the bad guys. Good guy team: Elder Porter, Sister Hales, Sister Weller, Elder Johansen, and Me. Bad guy team: Elder Stevens, Elder Giuffra, Elder Miles, and Sister Goodman. What a super fun time playing basketball together. The good guys are the best of course lol

It has been quite a week. I have loved every bit of it! So happy for the things I have been able to experience this transfer and can't wait for what this new transfer holds for Elder Giuffra and me. We will make it a good one for sure!!

I probably have some more thoughts that I could add to this but nothing is coming to mind right now. So it's not inspired. I am having a really good time out here in Texas and I love seeing the change in myself and in others. Although I can't see it in myself all the time other missionaries and people point it out and it is awesome to see. It is still a little scary at times but it's been a blast and a half. I am excited to take what I have been taught in these past 5 or so months and use it all to become an even better missionary. I have been surrounded by good missionaries and have some more good ones around me right now.

Some cool things:

Elder Rice is training again! He is training in the Spanish area he was sent to but he also leaves at the end of this transfer! I have a mission brother now! A little Bro! lol

A NEW PREACH MY GOSPEL WAS DROPPED! This is better than the battle pass from Fortnite! It is so awesome! I am so excited to use this as a tool to become a better missionary and to further the work! It is so cool!

I am in Mosiah right now. I plan on getting to Alma by the end of this week! And plan on finishing it by the end of this transfer!

That's about it. See ya.

- Elder Kohl Payne

Last District Council
Me and Elder Johnsen
Elder Johansen and Elder Guiffra
Elder Dozie and Elder Smith
Elder Swesen and Elder Wolfgram
Ballin it up for the last time
Elder Stevens, Elder Miles, Elder Porter, and me
Elder Miles
Companion just chillin