It's a huge gas station, but has some of the best BBQ

This past week has been wild. The days just keep getting longer and longer!! We did two different service activities this week. One was at a Baptist Church and the other was at a storehouse. We handed out food at both to people when they would drive up. The Baptist one was so nice! All the old people that we volunteer with just love the missionaries! They always talk to us and we can interact really easily with them. They are all so sweet and love when we come to help.

The Elders in the apartment tried to prank me with one of those chip cans, where you open it and things start flying out. I saw it when I first got here and didn't think much of it, but it was just sitting on a shelf in the living room. So, when I saw it appear in my cupboard, I knew something was up. Elder Rice kept telling me that they are really good and that I should try one. I never opened it though. Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself.

I keep getting a ton of songs stuck in my head to the point that I started to write them down. In the back of my notebook that I carry in my front pocket I have all the songs listed out. When I get home from the mission I am going to make a playlist with all the songs that came into my head during the mission. It is going to be a long playlist let me tell ya. And the songs are random, anywhere from 80's to indie, to kid's songs. The number of music lyrics that I know surprises me.

Mom, this next part is for you mainly. The members here are so nice and feed us all the time! I am getting fed very well and not just eating PP&J's every meal. I also made pancakes from scratch the other day! Buttermilk pancakes from scratch. Can you believe it? Who knew I was such a good Chef?
We stopped by a less active member's house this week and she came to Church! She signed up 15 times to feed us this month! 15 TIMES!! Along with all the other members. This same member gave us tea without knowing haha, it was funny! She gave me apple juice and didn't have any more for Elder Rice so she gave him this new drink. . . We read it in more detail and it had tea and coffee. Now it is sitting in the apartment. Every one of the members in the ward is so nice and I am so grateful for their kindness to me. Especially since I have only been here for about 2 weeks. I hit one month of being a missionary though! WOOT WOOT!!

I finally went to a Buc-ee's this week. It was massive! Got some fudge that I've been eating and a really bomb diggity brisket sandwich. YUM YUM YUM!! It was a fun experience. We are going to go back this week. We have to go down to Austin for a meeting so on the way back Buc-ee's it is!!

We stay BUSY on P-days, so sorry my letters are short.

Here are some highlights:

. We saw a ghost dog. He appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared into the wind
. Baptism for the Belton Missionaries in our district
. I am a spike ball pro
. I lost my Duolingo streak :/
. Church is AWESOME!! You should all go!!
. Big Boy Cow (Picture)
. Finished all the Safety Zone Videos
. Had 2 exchanges this week
. The wind never stops
. I got a haircut! It is so short!
. Went to Magnolia (look it up, Chip and Joanna Gaines) Elder Rice was so happy to go haha)
. Deer are wild. Don't trust them. They are skinwalkers
. H E B! Everything you will ever need (the biggest store ever)
. I got a bath towel finally, I forgot mine at the MTC. I had been using my hand towel  
. Jesus Loves You!

I hope you all are doing well and continue to invite people to church. I have felt God's love for me and seen miracles this past week.

That's it for now. See ya.

Elder Kohl Payne

The group at Magnolia (see my fresh haircut)
Enjoying the lawn outside the Magnolia shops.
Sunsets here are so pretty
They are everywhere
Service time
I made buttermilk pancakes from scratch with Elder Rice
Tea, it is supposed to be good for your gut, but we didn't try it